Boutique von Burg is an online boutique that sells quality watches, jewelry and lifestyle accessories, and is owned and operated by the von Burg family. 


Boutique von Burg brings our heritage and know-how in watchmaking into the modern age. All of the watches and accessories are either manufactured by us, or personally chosen by us,

We live and breathe watches and our mission is to provide great quality watches at an affordable price and with the best possible service. The hallmarks everyone should expect from a Swiss owned and operated business. 


The von Burg Family name historically dates back to 1295 and originates in an area of Switzerland,at the bottom of the Jura mountain range between Basel and Geneva called Bettlach, in the Canton of Solothurn.

Current view of Bettlach
Bettlach Coat of Arms
Location of Bettlach, & Swiss Watch Brands located
in the Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland

The von Burg direct meaning of the name is; Of or From the Castle and is why our family crest has a castle embedded in it.

von Burg's family coat of arms

The last four generations of the von Burg family have been deeply involved in the Swiss watch making industry.

-Mr. Arnold von Burg (1882 - 1957) was the first in the family line to learn the art of Horology.

-Since 2000, George J von Burg's son and grandson, both of whom bear his name, have refocused the business back to the original core principles of manufacturing and selling quality watches for our own internally owned watch brands and those of which are owned by our valued customers.

-With over 50 years of expertise in manufacturing and sales in this area of the world the family von Burg decided to now create and manage our own website, to offer exquisite, special watches to the market, in a more of a Boutique inspired approach.

-Boutique von Burg is offering watches either manufactured by us or by family owned brands, where the family owners have a long established connection with the von Burg family.

-Our mission is to provide great quality, at an affordable price and with the best service. The hallmarks everyone should expect from a Swiss owned and operated business.


-Mr.Arnold von Burg (1882 ¡V 1957) was the first in the family line to learn the art of Horology.

-George Josef von Burg (1914 ¡V 1986) was a legendary figure among Swiss watchmakers, pioneering many new standards,which were later adopted by other companies.Under the tutelage of his watchmaker father Arnold, he learned the meticulous craft of watchmaking at an early age. In his 20's he demonstrated a singular ability to produce and sell his own private label collection of mechanical watches.

-In 1946, Mr.Georges Josef von Burg II is born,in Biel,Switzerland.

-In 1947, he began selling his watches throughout Europe under the registered brand name GEO Automatic. During the 1950¡¦s, he moved to America with his family to set up a production facility designed to produce watch-related components for the US market. Shortly thereafter, he acquired a Swiss company to produce watches for other Swiss watch brands.

-In 1961, he founded CLARO Watch SA to handle the production of mechanical pin lever movements and watches.

At its peak, CLARO Watch SA assembled and sold over half a million units every month. The best-selling and most widely-produced movement caliber was the 866.

-In 1967, CLARO Watch SA, in tandem with the von Burg family, initiated its overseas expansion with a sales office in Hong Kong. In 1969, they set up a watch movement assembly factory with BFG, Basic Watch and the Ritz Company in Hong Kong. By the end of 1969, they opened yet another factory in Seoul, South Korea, assembling EB (Ebauches Bettlach) and Ebosa SA mechanical movement calibers. At the time, both the Hong Kong and South Korean operations were among the largest producers in the market, with the von Burg Family managing all sales activities.

-In 1972, Mr.George Josef von Burg III is born, in Hong Kong.

-In 1975, the von Burg s set up one of the first movement factories in the People¡¦s Republic of China. That same year Mr. William Mosset of Ronda SA set up SEPRO limited in Aberdeen, Hong Kong to produce Ronda Mechanical movement calibers.All movements produced were then marketed and sold by the von Burg family throughout the Asian markets.

-In 1978, Frabrique d¡¦Ebauches de Sanceboz SA entered into a joint venture with the von Burg family to produce mechanical calibers ES95 Lever movements and the ES55 Pin Lever family ¡V first in Switzerland and then later in Hong KongThey subsequently developed a quartz analog line of calibers, starting with the 1198, which eventually became the famous ISA 1198 and other ISA Movement Quartz Analog Family.

Three generations of
the von Burg family

-In 1981, Mr. Erwin Bernheim of Mondain SA founded Swissebauches Limited in Hong Kong to assemble Gents automatic mechanical lever movements under the caliber no. 589.

-In 1991, the von Burg family formed a strategic alliance with Indtec SA to assemble quartz analog movements in both Switzerland and in Hong Kong.They co-developed new lines of quartz analog movements. In Hong Kong, Swissebauches Limited was reactivated to handle all Far East production and assembly.