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Balmain - today the Swiss watch brand feels at home on the wrists of individuals everywhere who appreciate a seamless combination of elegance and modernity. The Balmain tradition of turning heads and winning hearts lives on, fulfilling dreams of tailor-made time.

Balmain fashion house was founded in 1945 by Parisian fashion designer Pierre Balmain. The watches have been manufactured, marketed, and distributed by the Swatch Group, who now own exclusive rights to the brand since 1987, here’s what they had to say on the watches:

“Montres Pierre Balmain is based at Saint-Imier, in the Bernese Jura, in Switzerland, right in the heart of the “Watch Valley”, a region where the people have had watchmaking in their blood for generations. One of the brand’s distinctive features is the famous «arabesques» dial, the stunning design of which was inspired by the sumptuous embroidery that decorates the haute couture dresses of its creator. The world of fashion draws its inspiration from an infinite number of sources, and each Balmain watch possesses a history and significance all of its own.”

This Swiss watch brand brings elegance and beauty to the wearer and the watches are finished to high-quality standards and detail. As they Balmain traditionally says, their watches turn heads and win hearts, fulfilling dreams of tailor-made time.