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A Man's Guide to Wristwatches

October 3, 2017 by Chris (1067 views) Section: BvonB NewsLifestyle Report

Currently we as consumers are constantly being bombarded by advertisements and are influenced by all these famous people out there in fashion, movies and social media, on what the next best thing is to have and own.

Watches are no different. There are thousands of brands out there. Many are famous with long established histories in the horological field, as well many new independent brands working with or developing new technologies to tell time. It is certainly difficult to tell what really are the best watches for men.

Today we are inundated with new technologies, with newness lasting six or so months, before something else takes over. A good watch is timeless, and I see many people finding a new appreciation of old school mechanical watches.

Watches to me are very personal, and not everyone looks at them the same way.

In my view a wrist watch should be something functional that you would like to wear daily.

In many western cultures men generally do not wear jewelry, so if a watch is worn, it is the only accessory they wear. This is one main reason watches are gifted to men in many cultures around the world.

Therefore to many people, their watch reminds them of family and/or good friends. Whether it is a gift for a special birthday, a milestone in life’s journey, or a prized possession handed down from a previous generation, a good watch always has a story to tell.

Many fine watches also retain value, with special limited edition models appreciating in value over time, very much like a good bottle of wine, an art piece or a special car.

A good watch however does not need to cost and arm and a leg to own, with many fantastic wristwatches for men available in the market for much more approachable and affordable prices.


When starting off buying a new watch, a budget should first be set. Knowing what you want to spend will allow you to then breakdown the next phase of your decision making process and that is what kind of timepiece best fits your lifestyle or tastes.

Lifestyle fit

Next, you should decide on what kind of watch fits in your current lifestyle. If you are living in a warm climate or if you’re in a job that requires you to be mostly outdoors, watches with either a solid metal bracelet or rubber/synthetic watchstrap makes sense. The reason being that if you live in a warm climate, the level of sweating occurring on a daily bases is high, which causes more wear and tear on leathers. If you are living in a colder climate or if you work in an indoor environment, a watch with a good leather strap would then fit your lifestyle better.


The next step in choice is whether the watch is mechanical, Quartz Analog or digital.

Mechanical or Automatic watches are the more traditional and also generally are more expensive, as they cost more to manufacture. The positive is that most mechanical/Automatic watches will last more than one lifetime, if looked after properly (the movements are almost always repairable). The one downside of mechanical/automatic watches is that they need to be wound and set if they are not worn. Some people buy winders to store their watches on so they stay fully wound at all times when not worn (this would be an added cost, as a good watch winder can be expensive).

Quartz analog and digital watches run on batteries. There are many quartz watches available with lithium batteries, which can run for 10 or more years before they need replacing. Time accuracy also tends to be better with quartz analog and digital watches. A high quality quartz analog watch generally only loses about 2-3 seconds per year in time accuracy, which is not at all noticeable.


Watch functions are also important considerations and I will elaborate further on this in future articles. The basic key here is to have a watch that suits your lifestyle, so the functions you want, like or need should be thought of, when making your choice.

Watch water-resistance is important and in my opinion the minimum water resistance a watch should have is 50 meters, 165ft, 5 Bar.


Size and thickness should be the next consideration point. Does the watch feel comfortable on your wrist and do you like the readability of the dial (can you clearly see the watch display). Are you happy to wear this watch on your wrist everyday?

Once you find a watch that fits your needs and you are happy to look at it everyday, you have then found the watch you are looking for.

If you have any questions or general enquiries about affordable watches for men, we are always here to answer them for you.


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