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Boutique von Burg is now online!

April 5, 2017 by Chris Gerard (501 views) Section: BvonB News

Four generations after Arnold von Burg first learnt the art of horology, a proud scion of the von Burg family of watchmakers from Bettlach, Switzerland, Mr. George Josef von Burg III has made his first foray into the brave new world of digital commerce.

This launch remains a testament to the family tradition of providing great quality products to their customers, at affordable prices with the best service. The von Burgs are no strangers to the world of fine Swiss watchmaking, having provided OEM manufacturing to several leading Swiss marques.

Said von Burg on the launch, “It was time! The world of digital may have upended the selling ecosystem, but there remains a fundamental appetite within a burgeoning Asian middle class to enjoy high quality watches and lifestyle products.”

Available at bvb.dev.bossdigitalasia.com, the Boutique has created its own ecommerce website, to offer exquisite, special watches to the market, curated with a boutique inspired approach. The website is currently offering watches either manufactured by the von Burgs, or by other brands who have had a long-established connection with the von Burg family.

In the months to come, customers can expect other fine lifestyle products including jewellery, leather goods, pens and cufflinks to be added to the online store.

Continues von Burg, “Now we bring the same quality and reliability of our watchmaking heritage to our global customers and markets, who can enjoy the convenience of hassle free shopping, anytime anywhere.”